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How does Chinese herbal medicine work?

Herbal medicine is the oldest medicine in China. And it is still widely used in the world today. Chinese herbal medicine is made exclusively from plants, so it is healthy and harmless to our body compared to modern chemical medicines. Herbal medicine offers treatments by affecting our body’s healing system.

Herbal medicines contain a large number of naturally occurring chemicals. These chemicals will have some type of biological activity in our bodies. The main effect is balancing internal disharmonies as well as encouraging the body to heal itself. As a result, Chinese herbal medicine asks our body to treat itself naturally.

As herbs are used in their natural form, they are gentle and without harsh side effects. Additionally, herbs often accompany many manufactured drugs.

All herbal medicine are classified according to their energetic qualities, functions, different organs, and channels.

Diagnosis and treatment are always based on the individual because two patients may have the same complaint. Therefore, the treatment will be different depending on the patients’ presentations.

What do we provide?

Traditional Chinese Herbal medicine is one of the oldest medicine used in China. The oldest book that records the function of herbs and formulas is called ‘Shen Nong Bai Cao Jing’, written 2000 years ago. Until today more than 9000 different types of herbs and more than 1400 herbal formulas have been documented in Chinese Pharmacopoeia. Today Chinese Herbal medicine is widely used in China and worldwide. Herbal medicines contain substances that may have different beneficial biological activities in our bodies.

Our experienced herbalist will choose personalised herbal formula according to your symptoms, the aim is to balance internal disharmonies and help your body naturally heal itself.

Compared with modern medicine, Herbal Medicine is made using all natural materials, it is generally considered to be safe but rarely may associate with possible mild adverse reactions in individual cases.

There are three kinds of herbal medicine that are commonly used nowadays, and we provide all of them.

Raw Herbs and Formulas*: is the most ancient way that have been used and passed on for more than 2000 years. This way of taking herbs is the most effective and natural way.

Formulated Granules*: herbal granules are concentrated herbs extracted from raw herbs that simply dissolve with a small amount of boiling water and then can be swallowed.

Patent Pills: These herbal pills are pre-made pills following some classic Chinese Herbal Formula. These classic formulas have already been used by Chinese herbalists for many generations and proven to be effective for certain health conditions then this formula is documented and manufactured into pills in modern ways. They may come as pills or capsules. Patent Pills are the most convenient way to take herbal medicine.

Usually, our experienced herbalist will make a formula choose 10~15 different herbs with different functions, choose the adequate mass of each herb according to your symptoms, and then carefully dispense the herbs following the formula.

Due to the import, growth, storage labour and availability involved in their production, raw herbs tend to be more expensive than formulated herb granules than patent pills. Raw herbs are the most effective and original form of herbal medicine. Both raw and granule herbs are custom-made to individuals, which means its more specific to your conditions.

While taking herbs… Please read through the instructions if you are currently taking herbal medicine.

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