Long COVID? Self-Check and self-heal

Post-COVID syndrome (PCS) or ‘long COVID’ is a complex, multi-system illness that may follow SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 infection. WHO statistics indicated approximately 10~20% of peopler experience a variety of mid to long term effect after recovery from their initial illness. Post COVI-19 is defined as individual manifesting with symptoms and effects that last for at least 2… Continue reading Long COVID? Self-Check and self-heal

While taking herbal medicine….

What to do and what don’t do. Some dietary advice   1. Take the medicine TWICE a day  Depending on the doctor instructions, if there were no specific instructions given, usually the herbs are taken:   Before breakfast: take the medicine 30~60 mins before breakfast. By doing this, it allows the herbs to travel down to… Continue reading While taking herbal medicine….


Eczema, also known a dermatitis is a debilitating skin condition that affects 1 in 3 Australians (Eczema Association of Australia). Eczema can occur in any stages of life starting as young as early childhood from the ages of 2 to 6 months and in adulthood. In TCM Eczema is referred as 湿疹 Shi Zhen, where… Continue reading Eczema

Can’t Sleep – Insominia

Insomnia, or the inability to fall into a deep, restful sleep, is a condition experienced by approximately one-third of adults at some point in their lives. If left unaddressed, this lack of sleep can lead to daytime fatigue, which affects one’s focus, decision making, and motor skills, resulting in dangerous situations (i.e., driving sleep-deprived). It… Continue reading Can’t Sleep – Insominia

New Round of COVID!? NOV 2022

Coughing, in the language of TCM, is simply a failure of the natural descent of Lung Qi, or a rebellion of Lung Qi upwards. There are two general mechanisms: Lung Qi which is too weak to descend, and simply ‘floats’ upward or blockage of Lung Qi’s downward movement by a pathogen.   There is never… Continue reading New Round of COVID!? NOV 2022

服用中药 – 忌口

1. 每天服药两次 根据医生的指示,如果没有给出具体的指示,通常会服用两次汤药: 早餐前:早餐前30~60分钟服药。 (通过这样做,它可以让草药更快地向下移动到胃和肠,因此吸收更快。该药物将与肠道和胃上的粘液有更多的相互作用,因为它会更有效。) 晚餐后:晚餐后60~90分钟服药。 如果您忘记或无法服用一次药物,请下次准备两包以提前准备。 2.药物温度 该药可在30°C~50°C的温度下饮用。请不要在室温下或直接从冰箱中取出喝药。 您可以通过以下方式预热药物: 将药物含包装浸入热水中,直到整个温热。包装由特殊材料制成,设计用于耐高温,因此可以放入热水中。 微波炉20-30s,塑料包装设计为耐高温,因此微波炉安全。 3.服药期间不吃什么/不做什么: 服药时,请避免食用生的、冷的、粘稠的或辛辣的食物。 请避免在服药期间吃海鲜类食物,海鲜类食物属于腥性物质,这会与药物相互影响,使药物的治疗效果大打折扣。 请不要喝任何乳制品,服药前后1小时内不要喝咖啡、茶或豆浆。 尽量避免饮用软饮料,并将饮用水量限制在1.5升/天,包括草药(总共约350毫升)。 如果您有水肿,请避免咸味食物。 尽量吃温热的食物,不要直接从冰箱里吃食物/饮料;所有食物都最好在高于室温的情况下摄入。 请不要吃太多胡萝卜和萝卜,因为它可能会抵消药物的效果。 在女性月经期间,避免任何进入口腔的冷物,避免饮酒。 避免甜瓜类水果(例如西瓜,岩瓜,黄瓜等),尽量避免冷沙拉(生的),或可在沙拉中加入香料(葱或姜等)以平衡膳食的冷热性质 根据个人情况,从业者可能会给出不同的建议,请按照上述建议的说明进行操作。 药物中不添加任何糖或人工甜味剂。 请不要在药物中放糖。白糖本质上是冷的,会抵消药物中的一些作用。 不要加入原糖红糖。原糖/红糖含有更高水平的铁和钙,这将与药物中的蛋白质结合并产生影响。 药物有时会利用苦味来促进味蕾并产生有助于消化的酶,因此如果添加糖,它将失去这种效果。 如果太苦,可以在服药后吃一些糖,如果太苦而无法接受,可以为孩子添加一些蜂蜜。 服药期间身体可能出现的变化: 在治疗期间可能会出现不同的迹象,我们将其称为好转反应,这些反应包括: 排便松弛/或频繁排便:这表明您的内在热量已排出体外,体内积累的所有毒性都可以通过肠道传递。排便后,您应该感觉胃部和肠道区域较轻,吸斑感减少(如果您曾经有过的话)。 面部/或四肢肿胀减少:如果您醒来并看到您的脸变小或水肿减轻。这意味着积聚在细胞和淋巴系统中的水分正在逐渐被清除。 气体向上流动/频繁放屁:这表明您体内先前的阻塞气现在正试图从您身上移出(任何阻塞的气/血液都会导致疼痛),有时可能是错误的方向(向上),如果您感觉到这一点,请咨询您的医生,以便下一次药物可以帮助您将气体向下移动。

Tinnitus to Deafness? Chinese Medicine View

Out 90 percent of people with tinnitus also have hearing loss, though many people may not even realize they have both conditions. Tinnitus usually follows the pattern of your loss. If you have trouble hearing high frequencies, your tinnitus is often a high-pitched ringing or hissing. According to TCM principles, tinnitus results from one or… Continue reading Tinnitus to Deafness? Chinese Medicine View

We Are what we eat

Colourful Food Healthy eating is very important. The types of nutrients in the food we consume determine the composition of every single cell in our body. On average, an adult loses roughly 300 million cells every day and we are replacing them with food. Our bodies are literally manufactured out of food we eat. Chinese… Continue reading We Are what we eat